My Role

Product & Visual Design, Branding


  • Project Manager – Claire Heginbotham
  • Copywriter – Claire Heginbotham
  • Developers – Youness, Heliton Nordt
  • Designer – Robert Mayer

Shaping the future of email advertising


Paved is a New York-based startup that streamlines email ads and sponsored content. It is an advertising platform with a set of tools for publishers and advertisers that allows effortless access to in-demand audiences at scale which has already been appreciated by companies like Nextdoor, Square, Noom and Monday.
Paved’s ecosystem includes Curated Newsletter Marketplace, Targeted programmatic ads, The embedded Booking Wizard, Verified Publisher Profile and Metrics, Real-time analytics, Ad performance reports, and Payment gateway.


For this project, I collaborated closely with Claire – a marketing guru at Paved, and John – a CEO. We needed to define a brand voice, company image, and incorporate that visually in website design. Another big part of this project is to dig in the company core products: marketplace and ad booking process.